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Gaming, Running, Politics, and other Randomness.

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My journal: is apparently about my life, but mostly, its about Gaming and Running. So if you like Role Playing games, or are interested in reading about me running or the movies I've watched recently, read on!


So... me... I'm an 8-5 kind of guy. In the IT field, so I guess its fortunate that I'm into computers. I live and work in North Mississippi, just minutes from Memphis, TN. I run. I have a dog. I have a wife. I have a house. I'm in my 30's. I play role-playing games when I get the chance, which, lately, has been pretty regularly. I like geocaching. I'm trying to teach myself guitar. I'm working on learning spanish, and maybe after that, mandarin chinese. I wish I could do more traveling. I like movies and music, but I dont watch alot of TV and I dont go to many concerts. I'm pretty f'ing angry with our current administration. I wish I spent more time with my family. I drink more than I should, but probably not too much. I need more money in order to pay all my bills AND buy all the stuff I want.

That's a pretty fair assessment I think.

I wish I'd started blogging earlier. As is, my blog has taken on a life as an outlet mostly for my feelings and outlook on gaming, but also running and my life in general. I would be thrilled to death if someone read this and thought "wow that's an awesome take on X aspect of role playing games!" but I fear I may not be breaking much new ground. Still, this is my outlet.

Um, here are two links that I dropped here just cause:

(34*57'16,30" N 90*01'42.67" W ; elevation 306 ft)